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Switching Is Easy

Some people think that switching accountant is the most difficult and painful task. At MoneyWize Accountants, we deal with switch over not you! Our switch over service has made the process as painless and convenient for you. Process of changing accountants is relatively a simple one contrary to what you have heard from your existing accountant and other people.

Reasons to change your existing accountant:

There are many reasons why a small business may feel changing accountants is the right decision for them. This could be as a result of business growth or change in business financial and compliance needs. People change accountants for various reasons:

  • Are you getting right value of money: do you think you are getting a right level of service for the fee you are paying to your existing accountant.
  • Are your tax returns and financial accounts submitted on time: Do you think your accountant file your tax returns and financial accounts to HMRC and the Companies House on time. Submitting on time doesn’t not mean filing statutory accounts and tax returns just before the deadline. A good accountant should always be ahead of the game and give a client enough time to not only submit the paperwork on time but to provide all the financial and tax planning opportunities.
  • Does your accountant believe in stakeholders: engaging with stakeholders is the essential part of any business, does your existing accountant believe in your success or invest enough time understanding your business requirements and needs?
  • Has your accountant outgrown you: In some case your accountant who has grown too big for you, if you think you are just a number to them then it’s time to move on.

How to switch:

Step 1: Come and book an appointment with us and our friendly member of the team will advise you on the services we provide and how much you could save in switching over to us. We will provide you with a fixed fee quote for our services. For fixed fee packages please call us now.

Step 2: Once you are happy with the quote, you will inform your existing accountant.

Step 3: We will draw up an engagement letter for you to sign detailing our terms and conditions and services required by you for your business.

Step 4: At this point you can now sit back and relax. We will send a professional clearance letter to your existing accountant directly to request copies of all your financial data and important information relating to your business affairs. This is a standard procedure amongst us accountants, known as professional clearance. Once the data is received you are good to go.


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